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Carmelo Zaccone

My expertise ranges from deep specialization in software engineering (architecture & development), telecommunication (access, core, network) as well as a great capability on R&D and Standardization.

I own expertise in software development, ICT administration, technical writing of norms, Request for Proposal/Information, European project application, conference paper, patent and documentation.

I have experience in technology watch & innovation strategy as well as business strategy and international business development (trade mission & foreign investment).

My role scopes from research in large organization, solutions and products development in SME, thru advisor within the government and its digital ICT SME & startup’s ecosystems. I realized technical and business audits for public subsidy as well as private funding.

I’m “multi faced digital technology expert” combined with an “entrepreneur spirit”. I experience the creation of startups (unified communication, wireless networking and fintech), the development of the Digital Wallonia ICT strategy for the Wallonia Government, the cooperation in the development and the promotion of various protocols and technbologies for the Internet.


From Belgium, in the hearth of Europe, a passionate career with innovation and creativity at the center of my concerns.

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Relaying information,promoting Wallonia, contributing to the development of his brand.

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