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The Indigo product portfolio provides application developers, solution builders and system integrators with the servers and toolkits to build robust and feature-rich SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) and presence-based applications.

Indigo Software has designed a future-proof software framework architecture based on state-of-the-art object orientation methodologies for modularity, re-usability and extensibility. This software framework is developed in conveniently structured APIs have permitted the development of advanced and efficient products such as SIP servers, presence servers and instant messaging (IM) servers.

Accordingly, the Indigo portfolio is composed of a tight ensemble of servers shipped with their corresponding APIs and software component libraries (Indigo SDKs). The Indigo servers and SDKs are entirely based on Java Technology™, ensuring cross-platform compatibility and faster development of high-quality applications. These toolkits have earned the reputation of superior SIP infrastructure components as a result of numerous participations in advanced SIP interoperability events and industry partner programs.

Indigo designed the following exclusive set of products

  • SIP stack to build high quality Instant Messaging and Voice/Video over IP applications, products and gateways.

  • A robust and flexible SIP network entity providing proxy (stateless and stateful), registrar, redirect and location services.

  • A state-of-the-art SIMPLE-based presence server that aggregates real-time presence information such as a person's availability, terminal status, location, current activity and mood.

  • A SIP/SIMPLE application framework combining the power of the Indigo SIP Server with the rich feature set of the Indigo Presence Server and their respective SDKs.


Indigo Software is a leading provider of solutions and technology for real-time voice, video, and data communications over IP networks. Recognized worldwide as one of the leading experts in SIP technology, the emerging standard for real-time communication over IP, Indigo Software offers solutions to enable enterprises to enhance communication and collaboration. The Indigo enterprise solution focus on Presence and Instant Messaging P/IM and IP Conferencing, and provide the reliability, scalability and security that business-critical communication requires.

With Indigo's solutions and enabling technology, enterprises can:

  • Deploy a convenient data and voice conferencing solution

  • Turn free instant messaging services into true corporate collaboration solutions

  • Add presence information collected from PC and PBX (present, on the phone, away, on holiday, busy, etc.) to a wide range of applications

Service Providers

Indigo Software delivers state-of-the-art SIP network components and solutions enabling service providers to build next generation multi-media services for consumer and enterprise markets.

Indigo Software adds value to IP networks by providing advanced routing and multimedia services, as well as network management and security. By providing an advanced service creation and execution platform and customizable applications, Indigo Software's network infrastructure software is the foundation for next-generation services that allow service providers to bring new revenue-generating a variety of services. Voip is one primary application area in case.

With Indigo's solutions and enabling technology service providers can:

  • Add voice and other multimedia services to broadband Internet access

  • Subscriptions to increase overall business profitability and enhance customer loyalty.

  • Create value added business services for mobile or wireline networks such as find-me follow-me, instant conferencing, IP centrex services, etc.

  • Offer presence and instant messaging to their service portfolio.

Application Builders

For application developers, designing SIP-based applications from scratch can be expensive and time-consuming, as it not only requires the initial creation of frameworks to support application development. In addition one also needs to take into account the constant evolution of protocol and standard variety.

Indigo is one of the few companies in the SIP industry that offers a comprehensive Java-based toolset for rapidly creating and executing new data, voice or video communication applications. Using Indigo's SIP server stack and service SDKs, application developers and ISVs can focus on developing their own application without bothering about the continuously evolving SIP-related standards.

Examples of applications that can be built using Indigo's SIP technology are:

  • Real time corporate communication solutions integrating e-mail, instant messaging, voice and video

  • Audio and video conferencing services with web-based conference scheduling and presence-based conference initiation

  • Click-to-talk and click-to-chat web and e-commerce solutions